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                     Suzhou Heat Treatment Association Profile
   Suzhou Heat Treatment Association is the fifth council which was founded in 1986.11. The president of association is Wang/Dadi who is the factory director of Suzhou Zhenhua heat treatment Co., and the secretary-general is Zhang/Himu who is the general manager of GUSU Technology(GUSU Electric Furnace) SIP Co., Ltd . There are 4 vice chairmans, 4 deputy secretary-generals, 25 directors. The association passed the qualified examination in 2001 by Szuhou Bureau of Civil Affairs.
   Suzhou Heat Treatment Association is a mesomeric organization under the circumstance of cross-industry and cross-area. There are 46 member units as follows: Suzhou city--23, Zhangjiagang city--3, Changshu city--9, Taicang city--3, Kunshan city--4, Wujiang city--4. What's more, there are 16 heat treatment companies among these 46 member units. These industries taking part in the association are second to none in East China involving mechanical manufacture, metallurgical industry, frame, sewing machine, standard component, bearing, chain, valve, electric furnace. Among all, there are 13 state, 26 private, 2 stock system, 5 joint-venture member units.
   Suzhou Heat Treatment Association has done the following work in recent 20 years under the guidance of upper departments:
   I. Accepting all the work that governments and Chinese Heat Treatment Association assign.
   II. Doing the review, registration, research and providing Chinese Heat Treatment Association with the firsthand data, information.
   III. Publicizing "the 10th Five-years Plan of  Heat Treatment Improvement" established by Chinese Heat Treatment Association and ISO9000 well-rounded Quality Control.
   IV. Taking part in actively all the activities hold by Chinese Heat Treatment Association.
   V. Undertaking local secretary-general meetings and professional meetings of  heat treatment companies many a time.
   VI. Organizing professional seminars and lectures.
   VII. Holding Hardness Standard Testing lecture once, heat treatment lectures of controllable atmosphere twice, New Technique Lectures twice.
   VIII. Holding training classes for member units
   There are 18 member units who have received the ISO9000 certificate of the system of quality certification.
   Suzhou Heat Treatment Association holds a plenary meeting every two years. And the association has hold the meetings seven times and has published 32 stages heat treatment publications.